Release Date Title
25/09/2019 Altair Adds Battery System Simulation Software to the Altair Partner Alliance to Support Advanced Electric Vehicle Battery Systems Design
20/08/2019 Altair Expands AI Data Science Solutions
05/08/2019 2019 Winners Announced for Altair Enlighten Award
27/06/2019 Altair Announces 2019 Global Technology Conference to be Held in Detroit
25/06/2019 Altair Expands Presence in Adriatic & Balkan Region with New Reseller, Weiss Simulation
17/06/2019 Altair Signs Reseller Agreement with NEC for PBS Professional™
10/06/2019 Avec la sortie d'Altair HyperWorks 2019, Altair met à la disposition du plus grand nombre la puissance de ses logiciels de conception et d'ingénierie
17/04/2019 Innovation in Electromagnetics: Call for Submissions for Altair Student Competition
01/04/2019 Altair Acquires Cambridge Collaborative’s SEAM® Software; Expanding Solver Portfolio
20/03/2019 Altair OptiStruct™ Runs up to 10x Faster on NVIDIA GPUs
19/03/2019 Altair Feko™ and Altair WinProp™ to be Exhibited at EuCAP 2019 in Krakow, Poland
12/03/2019 L'Alliance des Partenaires Altair (APA) élargit son offre pour inclure une approche conception-coût optimisée pour la conception de pièces composites.
28/02/2019 Altair at Hannover Messe 2019: Industrial Intelligence through the Convergence of Simulation and Data Science
28/02/2019 Altair à la Foire de Hanovre 2019 : L'intelligence industrielle par la convergence de la simulation et de la science des données
25/02/2019 Altair to Support Start-up Booster Competition, Host Conference at JEC World 2019
22/02/2019 Appel à candidatures pour le Prix international Altair Enlighten Award®
21/02/2019 Diehl Aviation Selects Altair as Preferred Strategic CAE Supplier
07/02/2019 Global Call for Submissions for the 2019 Altair Enlighten Award®
06/02/2019 Altair Expands Offering to Include Illumination Design & Analysis Software
25/01/2019 Altair SimLab sT Introduction Slashes Simulation Cycle Time for Manufacturers
24/01/2019 Winner Announced for the 2018 Altair Feko Student Competition
13/12/2018 Altair Engineering Announces Completion of the Acquisition of Datawatch Corporation
21/11/2018 Grand succès pour la conférence technologique mondiale d’Altair où 800 personnes ont répondu présentes
14/11/2018 Aéronautique / Automobile : Lancement de la Chaire ALTAIR – ESILV ‘SINUSY’ SImulations NUmériques des SYstèmes
31/10/2018 Altair et Oracle s’associent pour proposer du Calcul Hautement Performance dans le Cloud encore plus rapide
30/10/2018 Altair acquiert SIMSOLID
29/10/2018 Altair to Present Simulation-Driven Design for Modern Manufacturing at formnext in Frankfurt
17/10/2018 Altair Acquires SIMSOLID
02/10/2018 Altair and Ziegler Instruments Collaborate to Create Unique Solution for Squeak and Rattle Prevention
27/09/2018 World-Class Keynotes, Customer Presentations, and Technical Seminars: Final Agenda Available for 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference
12/09/2018 Altair Introduces Open Source and Free Basic Editions for Model-Based Development Offerings
06/09/2018 Introduction of Altair Inspire and Altair 365 Poised to Transform Product Development
29/08/2018 Altair Introduces a Disruptive New Licensing Model for the solidThinking Software Suite
31/07/2018 Altair Launches Global Startup Program for New Tech and Emerging Markets Entrepreneurs
30/07/2018 Automotive Lightweighting Innovators Honored with 2018 Altair Enlighten Awards
19/07/2018 57 Automotive Industry Finalists Vie for Coveted 2018 Altair Enlighten Award
11/07/2018 Conférence Technologique Altair : Des conférenciers de renommée internationale et des présentations de premier rang sont au programme
25/06/2018 Huawei to Resell Altair PBS Works™ for High-Performance Computing
12/06/2018 GE’s Flow Simulator Software Now Available Exclusively from Altair
22/05/2018 Altair and Cray Extend Their Collaboration in High-Performance Computing
15/05/2018 Biomimicry and Transportation: Nature Inspiring Innovative Technologies
10/05/2018 Acquisition of FluiDyna Accelerates Altair’s Computational Fluid Dynamics Technology
08/05/2018 Nominations Now Being Accepted for the 16th Annual FEKO Student Competition
07/05/2018 GE and Altair Sign Agreement for Exclusive Distribution of GE’s Flow Simulator Software
03/05/2018 Acquisition of CANDI Controls Assets adds Edge Gateway Technology to Altair’s IoT Platform
03/05/2018 Altair lance une nouvelle version de ses logiciels électromagnétiques et cible les marchés de l’e-Mobility et de la communication
02/05/2018 PART Engineering Expands Partnership, Adds Strength Assessment Software to Altair Partner Alliance
01/05/2018 Nasdaq Invites the 2018 Altair Enlighten Award Winners to Participate in the Opening Market Bell Ceremony in Times Square
26/04/2018 Altair Nominated for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Industrial Software Competency
25/04/2018 Altair Reinvents the Cloud High-Performance Computing Experience with the Release of PBS Works 2018
25/04/2018 Altair réinvente l’expérience Cloud HPC avec la nouvelle version PBS Works 2018
18/04/2018 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference to be held in Paris, France
18/04/2018 Conférence Technologique Altair : Rendez-vous pris à Paris !
20/03/2018 Driving Innovation via Simulation and IoT for Industry 4.0: Altair to Host ATCx at MECSPE in Parma
01/03/2018 Altair to Host Multibody and System Simulation Technology Conference 2018 in Turin, Italy
27/02/2018 Altair accroit ses capacités en thermique pour l’électronique avec l’acquisition des logiciels de TES International et recrute un expert en la matière
14/02/2018 Composites: Altair to Showcase Simulation-Driven Design Methods and Tools at JEC World 2018
14/02/2018 JEC World 2018 : Altair présentera sa méthode Simulation Driven-Design et ses outils de conception de produits composites
13/02/2018 Avec Inspire 2018, Altair accélère le rythme de l’innovation produit
13/02/2018 New VP to Lead Altair’s Virtual Wind Tunnel Solutions
02/02/2018 Incorporating Variability in Simulation Models with RAMDO via the Altair Partner Alliance
01/02/2018 Inspire 2018 Software Release Accelerates Pace of Product Innovation
30/01/2018 Discover how Optimization Drives Development in Times of Industry 4.0
30/01/2018 Altair and DesignTech Systems to set up Research-oriented Centre of Excellence in Collaboration with Govt. of India’s Science & Tech Park
11/01/2018 Altair Partner Alliance Expands Software Offering in 2017, Growth to Continue in 2018
03/01/2018 Altair Invites Submissions for the 2018 Altair Enlighten Award®, Which Will Include the New “Future of Lightweighting” Category
19/12/2017 Altair to present preview of the revolutionary new geometry ‘avatar’ of Click2Cast® at EUROGUSS 2018
18/12/2017 Federal Court Dismisses MSC’s Trade Secret Claim Against Altair
14/12/2017 Altair Named Official Simulation-Driven Design Ally of CWIEME Berlin 2018
13/12/2017 High-Performance Software for Simulating Electromagnetics and Particles Together Added to the Altair Partner Alliance
12/12/2017 Winner Announced for the 2017 FEKO Student Competition
12/12/2017 Altair to set up Centre of Excellence in collaboration with BMS College of Engineering in Bengaluru
29/11/2017 AVL Adds Multi-Disciplinary System Simulation Software to the Altair Partner Alliance
15/11/2017 Fast Matching Circuit Software Added to the Altair Partner Alliance
15/11/2017 Altair Awarded Cray’s 2017 Supplier of the Year at SC17
14/11/2017 Altair and Quanta Cloud Technology Collaborate to Bring Unparalleled Customer Value to the HPC Market
27/09/2017 Material Management Expertise: Granta Design Joins Altair Partner Alliance
26/09/2017 Simulation-driven Innovation®: Altair Technology Conference to Showcase Optimization-driven Design, Evolution of the User Experience, and the Impact of Disruptive Trends on Simulation
20/09/2017 FieldView Express: Powerful CFD Post-Processor Enriches Altair Partner Alliance Offering
20/09/2017 Lancement de FluxMotor : la nouvelle solution simple et efficace pour évaluer les performances des moteurs électriques
19/09/2017 Altair extends its strategic relationship with HPE
14/09/2017 Acquisition of Componeering Extends Altair’s Leadership in Composites Simulation
15/08/2017 The Future of Smart Building Solutions Delivered: Altair’s Carriots Analytics™ Integrates with CANDI PowerTools
02/08/2017 Altair Announces UK’s Leading Digital Design Conference to return on September 19th, 2017 at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon
31/07/2017 FCA, Toyota, Faurecia and AP&T Win the 5th Altair Enlighten Awards for Innovation in Automotive Lightweighting
26/07/2017 Converge revient en Europe ! Les créateurs de produits sont invités à venir explorer l’intersection entre le Design et la Technologie lors de Converge 2017 à Essen
18/07/2017 Converge Returns to Europe: Product Creators to Explore the Intersection of Design and Technology at Converge 2017 in Essen, Germany
11/07/2017 Altair simplifie le Calcul Haute Performance (HPC) dans le Cloud
11/07/2017 Altair simplifies access to cloud HPC
06/07/2017 Collaborative Engineering: Phoenix Integration Joins the Altair Partner Alliance
28/06/2017 Nominations are in for the 2017 Altair Enlighten Award
26/06/2017 3-D Printing: Additive Works Joins the Altair Partner Alliance
21/06/2017 Announcing the Converge 2017 Series: Pushing the Boundaries of Design & Technology
20/06/2017 Altair has a Bold Vision for IoT Leadership in PLM: Acquires Highly Rated Carriots IoT Platform
13/06/2017 European Rocket Company for Small Satellites and Payload Services Gets a Boost; PLD Space Receives Altair Support
12/06/2017 Utilities Data Analytics: Altair and Daffron Team for Strong Offering
07/06/2017 Design the Difference: Altair’s Unique, Exclusive Leadership Conclave to Showcase Organisations with Innovative Designs

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