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Excavator Bucket simulation using EDEM

EDEM can be used to optimize the design of excavator buckets - providing key insight into equipment performance. Different designs can be compared for handling a range of materials such as rocks, gravels or more cohesive materials. Key information...

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Dump Truck loading analysis using EDEM and OptiStruct

This video shows how EDEM can be used to understand and predict the behavior and impact of different bulk materials like gravel, clay, tar and grass on a dump truck. EDEM provides accurate contact forces data that can be used to run finite element...

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Simulation of Dump Truck unloading material into hopper using EDEM

EDEM can be used to aid the design process of dump truck bodies. Realistic material modeling allows users to test dump truck performance in different operating conditions by analyzing loading/unloading patterns or pressure distributions.

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Grab Bucket simulation using EDEM coupled with MotionSolve

In this video EDEM is coupled with MotionSolve to better understand and predict the performance of a grab bucket handling different materials. Critical information on how the equipment responds when interacting with the bulk material can be obtain...

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Road Grader simulation using EDEM

This video produced in collaboration with Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group (XCMG) shows how EDEM software can be used to simulate grader applications such as flattening, ditching and scraping. Ground particles can be colored by velocity, layers...

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Using Altair EDEM in the design of Construction & Mining Equipment

Watch examples of applications of EDEM in the design of dump trucks, excavators, loaders, grab buckets, and more.

EDEM software, powered by the Discrete Element Method (DEM), accurately simulates the behavior of rocks, soils, ores and gravel, etc. It provides engineers with crucial insight

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Pharmaceutical Powder Process Modeling using the Discrete Element Method (DEM)

In this technical webinar hosted in collaboration with the Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems (C-SOPS) at Rutgers University, experts will discuss how DEM can be used to better understand powders and optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

The focus will be on 3 main quest


Using Altair EDEM in Mining & Metals

Watch examples of applications of EDEM in the mining, mineral processing and steelmaking industries.

EDEM software, powered by the Discrete Element Method (DEM), enables engineers to predict the flow behavior of rocks, ores and coal, ores through each segment of their equipment and operation. It

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EDEM simulation of Transfer Chute

EDEM can be used to evaluate and verify the design performance of transfer chutes and address key design challenges such as spillage, blockage and wear.

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EDEM simulation of Vibrating Screen

This video, produced in collaboration with HL Atacama, shows how EDEM can be used to simulate and analyze a Vibration Screening process. Sensors can be added to measure the total passed mass and data can be exported to analyze the screening proces...

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EDEM simulation of Full Scale Mill

This video produced in collaboration with Tega Industries shows how EDEM software can be used to simulate a full-scale mill. The ore rheology at different sections can be analyzed, and the pressure and wear on the shell liners can be predicted, en...

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EDEM simulation of Jaw Crusher

This video shows the analysis of the jaw crushing process for different materials (iron ore, limestone and granulite). The Tavares Breakage model in EDEM allows accurate modelling of the real process by simulating a continuous feed-rate and the co...

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Integrating Simulation and 3D Printing to Develop Patient Specific Medical Devices

Clinicians for many years have dreamed of the capability to tailor medical devices to individual patients, especially in orphan device markets like pediatrics. Until the last 5-10 years such dreams were unachievable. Recent developments in image...

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Modeling and the Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is evolving very quickly. The US Government has indicated a significant interest in bringing back pharmaceutical manufacturing to the US. To create a sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, we need to use ad...

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The Role of Simulation in Medical Device Innovation

Dr Venkat Perumal, Senior Principle Engineer at Stryker Global Technology Center discusses the adoption of simulation in Medical Device industry and how it helps shorten the overall product development cycle time & cost. While adoption of simulati...

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Simulation in the Field of Implantable Cardiovascular Devices

Steven Ford, Principle Engineer at Edwards Lifesciences, presents a high-level walk through on how simulation has evolved in the cardiovascular device space over the last two decades.

An example of how Altair HyperStudy has been an exceptional tool for deeper learning with respect to device per

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Altair Accelerator Product Overview

Industry's fastest enterprise job scheduler with event-driven architecture for highest throughput and high-performance scheduling.

Product Overview Videos

TEAMTAO Engineers the Future of Deep-Sea Exploration

At the end of 2015, the XPRIZE foundation launched the Shell Ocean Discovery competition, a three-year global challenge to advance deep-sea exploration using autonomous subsea drones. Teams competed to develop underwater robots that could fully ma...

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Monarch and Monarch Server Automator Overview

Monarch and Monarch Server Automator easily transforms data from disparate sources.

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Single Model Multi-attribute Analysis and Optimization

The analysis of a design, especially for a more complex product, system, or component, often requires building multiple simulation models.

Technical Papers

Feko Simulation With Human Body Models For EM Exposure Evaluation Of Basic Restrictions In Icnirp Guidelines

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has published in March 2020 an update [1] of the guidelines for limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz). This white paper describes how to evaluate...

Technical Papers, White Papers

Rethinking the e-Motor Design Process to Maximize Vehicle Range

In this article, appearing in the Fall 2020 issue of Engine + Powertrain Technology International, Altair outlines how a holistic approach to propulsion system design is enabling manufacturers to meet performance requirements while maximizing vehi...


Overcome Excel’s Limitations as a Data Analytics Tool

Excel continues to be the most widely used data analysis tool in the market, but it’s too simply easy to make changes to spreadsheet data.


Using Finite Element Models Beyond Their Upper Frequency Limits in Electric Vehicle Applications

A hybrid finite element formulation that extends the applicability of finite element models to higher frequencies will be discussed. It is based on reducing the size of the finite element model significantly by replacing major parts of the model w...


EDEM simulation of Swather raking grass

This video shows a swather - an agricultural machine that rakes mowed grass into windrows. Using EDEM it is possible to simulate the grass and its interaction with the machine in order to optimize the design and process. The grass was simulated in...

Use Cases

EDEM simulation of Combine Harvester

EDEM capabilities allow for simulation of various processes inside a combine harvester, including screw auger systems and grain sieving. EDEM's advanced capabilities also enable modeling of flexible straws to analyze their behavior in straw walker...

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EDEM simulation of Rotovator

This video shows how EDEM can be used to simulate soil-machine interaction in order to optimize the design of a single shaft rotovator and achieve better pulverization quality.

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How to Consider Water Wading and Water Management in Your Design

nanoFluidX’s intrinsic capabilities make it ideal for studying high-deformation free surface flows.

Use Cases

EDEM simulation of Potato Harvester

Assess Grading, Segregation Performance & Crop Damage.

This video shows potatoes being conveyed through a fragment of a potato harvester. The equipment parts simulated include picking table web, grading rollers and a floor bunker. The video demonstrates how EDEM can be used to test differe

Use Cases

Improving the Ship Building Block Assembly Method: An Engineering Approach

Block construction is a modern shipbuilding method which involves the assembly of prefabricated modular sections. Cross-sections of the superstructure are pre-built in a shipyard, taken to the building dock, then hoisted into position and attached.

Block splitting and lifting schemes are largely

Technical Papers

Optimize Gearbox Oiling to Improving Efficiency and Reliability

nanoFluidX realistically simulates oil flow within various drivetrain components in automotive, aerospace and heavy industries (e.g. manual or automatic gearboxes, differentials, auxiliary aerospace gearboxes etc.).

Use Cases

Monarch Spotlight Series - Data Snacks: Optimizing, Importing and Exporting Data

The first step in any data preparation process is accessing the data itself but not all data is easily attainable. Learn how Monarch can expedite the data extraction process from virtually any source, from your tabular databases to your local drives, and how to get consistent results.

With a wide


Monitor Performance of a Trucking Fleet in Real Time using Altair Panopticon

Panopticon enables fleet operators to analyze critical data streaming in from sensors and other sources.

Use Cases

Using Altair EDEM for Agricultural Machinery Design

Watch examples of applications of EDEM in the design of agricultural machinery such as combine harvesters, tillage tools, and grain handling systems.

EDEM software, powered by the Discrete Element Method (DEM), simulates and analyze the behavior of grains, seeds, crops and soils. It enabl

Use Cases

Battery Performance, Lifetime, and Safety

As battery technologies advance and consumers expect extended range and shorter charge times, using transient thermal simulation to predict battery performance has become increasingly crucial. Join us as we demonstrate how you can leverage TAITher...


Designing Construction & Mining Equipment with EDEM

In this webinar, learn more about EDEM software and how it can be used for the design, performance testing, and optimization of mining and construction equipment.

Dump trucks, excavators, loaders and dozers are all designed to handle bulk materials that can vary in shape and form, from la


Solutions to Maximize Electric Motors Cooling and Maintain High Performance

Modern e-motors in the automotive industry require advanced lubrication and (spray) cooling mechanisms to maintain peak performance and ensure reliability. nanoFluidX and its SPH method handle such simulations with ease. Because of its multiphase ...

Use Cases

A Simulation Driven Approach for Evaluating & Improving the Block Lifting Method of Ship Building

This session will introduce you to the Crane CAE Manager from Altair, which is a radically different solution that provides unique advantages for Block Lifting Method consisting of

1. Build - Specific Block Systems
2. Analyse - The planned lifting operations using simulation methods
3. Evaluat


From Mine to Blast Furnace – Optimizing the Steelmaking Process with EDEM

In this webinar learn more about EDEM software and how it can be used to optimize a range of operations and processes as part of the steelmaking process.

Bulk materials such as iron ore, coal, pellets and sinter are at the core of the steelmaking process. From transporting raw materials fro


Panopticon Demo: Visualize Real-Time Telemetry Data from Formula 1 Cars

In this demo, real-time telemetry data from a simulated Formula 1 car on the Austria-Spielberg track is being delivered to Panopticon,

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