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Online Workshop - Simulation-Driven Innovation for e-Mobility

Simulation-Driven Innovation for e-Mobility with SRM university


Monarch License Server Datasheet

Altair Monarch™ is the industry’s leading self-service data preparation solution. For larger deployments with multiple users, Altair offers the ability to centrally
manage your licenses.


Powerful Customer Intelligence

Knowledge Studio Text Analytics Add-On is an industry-first application that combines visual text discovery and sentiment analysis with the power of predictive analytics. It delivers unparalleled voice of the customer insights to support customer ...


Training - Systematic approach for NVH Problem solving Techniques

Training - Systematic approach for NVH Problem solving techniques - 290520


Training - Systematic approach for NVH Problem solving Techniques

Training - Systematic approach for NVH Problem solving techniques



Addressing 3 Major Challenges for the Intelligence Community

Data overload, dark data and disparate data are three roadblocks that slow down intelligence analysis processes and complicate threat detection. As the amount of data increases, these challenges will only be exacerbated. Self-Service Data Prepara...


Altair for Data Analytics Applications

Altair Data Analytics enables people of all skill levels to access, generate, and use smart data to make insightful, informed decisions.


Training - Systematic approach for NVH Problem solving Techniques - 02

Training - Systematic approach for NVH Problem solving Techniques - 26/05/2020


Keeping Finances and Data Healthy

As a growing organization, Cape Regional Health System struggled to bring together information from different databases and reports from patient records, insurance providers and other organizations into a comprehensive business analysis for the ma...

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Training - Systematic approach for NVH Problem solving Techniques

A systematic approach for NVH Problem solving techniques - 25/05/2020


Get Full Control Over Your Paint Shop Processes to Drive Down Cost and Accelerate Manufacturing

An Introductory webinar Alsim PAINT SHOP and Alsim MERGE by ESS Engineering Software Steyr GmbH.

Alsim PAINT SHOP allows you to get full control over the most expensive process in the automotive industry. It includes a unique simulation tool allowing to accurately detect air bubb


Collaborative MBSE Product Development with XLDyn™

Collaborative Product Development using a Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methodology can be done without using multiple complex and non-integrated software applications. In this webinar, we will show how product development activities can ...


Plate Forging Simulation Using AFDEX

Plate or sheet forging technology has been become more popular because companies are aiming to meet the global requirements to save the environment. It has been known that plate forging itself is competitive for thin parts in terms of quality and ...


Reduction of Moving Masses – Streamlined Design for Improved Engine Performance

To expand the rpm range of a motorcycle engine, a new type of rocker arm with lower inertia was needed at KTM. The new rocker arm was required to have the same, or better stiffness and deformation level as the previous design. KTM used Altair Hype...

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Assuring Scalability: Altair Radioss™ Delivers Robust Results Quickly for Crash-Safe Vehicle Designs

In the race to deliver safe new vehicles, efficient and accurate simulation of structural performance under different crash scenarios is a key alternative costly physical testing. With growing model complexity, the demand for CPUs is increasing. To assure a fast job
turnaround time, HPC and solver

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Built for the Future - SOM Achieves Sustainability Objectives Through Innovative Design

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) is a renowned global architectural, urban planning, and engineering firm. Known for some of the world’s most technically and environmentally advanced buildings, SOM applies creativity and emerging technologies to design buildings for the future.

SOM designed the n

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Going Off-Road with Michigan Baja Racing

Michigan Baja Racing (MBR) is a collegiate race team in the North American Baja SAE intercollegiate competition. The team designs, builds, and tests a new single-seater off-road race car from scratch every year to compete against hundreds of other...

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Demystifying Data Science: Predictive Modeling

What is Predictive Modeling?  Why is it useful?  How do you leverage Predictive Modeling in a practical sense for your business? 

Users will end this session with a better idea of how they might be able to apply predictive modeling to their own potential use cases.

In this webinar, we explore,


Amphyon 2020 Update Webinar

Introduction to new features and use-cases of Amphyon 2020


Cobra Use Cases

Top use cases for Cetim. Bolted joints analysis, review, verification, failure analysis, and dimensioning.

Use Cases

Enabling EV Excellence – Simulation Helps Rimac Improve Structural Design of Innovative Hypercar

Rimac Automobili’s main challenge has been to design a monocoque as a single carbon fiber part with an unprecedented size. Hence, in the development of the monocoque, the main topic to manage was the material, a lightweight, carbon fiber reinforce...

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Cetim Cobra Product Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of Cobra.


Calculation Management for Electrical Engineers

Maple is a software tool that combines a powerful mathematics engine with an interface that makes it easy to manage your calculations, so you can treat them like the valuable assets they are. Learn how electrical engineers can benefit from Maple.


Maximize the Value of your Calculation Efforts

Learn how using Maple for calculation management can help you: - Treat calculations as a valuable, structured asset - Enable the tracking, validation, and reuse of calculations - Prevent redundant calculation work, even across groups - Allow deplo...


Additive Manufacturing for Production

The Additive Manufacturing for Production survey conducted by TCT Magazine in association with Altair set out to understand the community’s desire and readiness for the much-promised land of series production using additive technologies.

This collaboration between TCT and Altair was designed to u

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Monarch Server Product Overview

A short overview of Monarch Server describing how the solution automates the process of cleaning blending and preparing repeatable reports.

Product Overview Videos

Altair Monarch Skill Spotlight Series - Advanced Data Prep

Taking you beyond simple column operations and transformations, the Advanced Data Prep module explores how to recreate complex manual tasks in a repeatable fashion. Being familiar with these skills will allow user to address complex data transform...

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How to Optimize Vehicle Energy Balance through Smart Hybrid Controller Layout with AVL CRUISE™ M

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) combine the best of two worlds: a long range possible through an internal combustion engine and lower consumption and emissions through electrification. These advantages can, however, only be achieved if the complex...


Webinar - Optimize Usage and Save on your Engineering Software License Costs

Optimize Usage and Save on your Engineering Software License Costs


Online Workshop - Electromagnetic and Thermal Simulation of PMSM (IPM) Motor

Electromagnetic and Thermal Simulation of PMSM (IPM) Motor


The Altair Enlighten Award 2020 - Winners & Highlights Webinar & Panel Discussion

Are you an automotive lightweighting pioneer? Do you have a vehicle, module, system or technology that is driving down the weight of today’s vehicles, or could do so in the future? Are you interested in learning how to become the next lightweighting champion?

Meet the Winners! Industry pioneers


MAESTRO Datasheet

Capabilities and benefits of MAESTRO.



Top use cases for MAESTRO. A design, analysis, evaluation and optimization tool specifically tailored for floating structures.

Use Cases

Building an Efficient CAE Simulation Platform at the Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center (PATAC)

PATAC needed to develop an efficient CAE simulation management platform to accommodate
their changing needs and accelerate digital growth.

Customer Stories

Altair Monarch Skill Spotlight Series: Basic Data Prep

Basic Data Prep covers the most simple changes that can be made after the data has been extracted from Report Design. Once data is brought into the prepare window, it can be manipulated further while creating a repeatable and effective process. Ma...

Presentations, Training Materials, Webinars

Training - Simulation Driven Design & Manufacturing For Sheetmetal Components Using Altair Inspire Form & Structure

Simulation Driven Design & Manufacturing For Sheetmetal Components Using Altair Inspire Form & Structure


Alsim PAINT SHOP Use Cases

Top use cases for Alsim PAINT SHOP. Alsim PAINT SHOP allows full control over paint shop processes in the automotive industry.

Use Cases

Alsim MERGE Use Case

Top use cases for the Alsim MERGE. A data cleaning software that processes 3D input data of various formats.

Use Cases

uWave Wizard Use Case

Top use cases for µWave Wizard. A 3D full wave electromagnetic design automation suite.

Use Cases

Training - CAD Based Parametric Optimisation Using SimLab St & HyperStudy

CAD Based Parametric Optimisation Using SimLab St & HyperStudy

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