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Future Says Series 2

Septembre à décembre 2021

Some of the industry’s leading figures will be sharing their unique experiences leveraging data and insights in our rapidly evolving, digital world. Brought to you by Altair Data Analytics, we will be shining a light on the complex data challenges organizations are increasingly encountering and starting the debate on how to move #OnlyForward.

Future Says is not just aimed at those on the front line of data analytics and AI. If you are at all interested in creating a data-driven business, ensuring AI and data analytics are used ethically and responsibly, or your investment in these new technologies delivers a meaningful return, it is worth tuning in.

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Future.Industry 2021

19 au 21 octobre 2021 - Future.Industry est l'événement de cette année qui a réuni les leaders d'opinion particulièrement visionnaires et de grands chefs d'entreprise de renom telles que Ford Motor, Leonardo, Alstom, DuPont, BMW, Samsung, Intel et bien d'autres. Ils ont abordé les tendances, les technologies et les innovations de demain qui permettront de créer un monde plus intelligent, plus connecté et plus respectueux de l’environnement.

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HPC Summit

HPC Summit 2021

11 et 12 Mai 2021 - Presentations will highlight the product or solution innovations made possible by HPC, lifting the hood to share what’s unique or challenging about their workloads, tools, and infrastructure.

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Enlighten Awards

Enlighten Awards 2021

4 Août 2021 - Automotive industry’s only award dedicated to lightweighting and sustainability.

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Future.AI 2021

Du 15 au 17 Juin 2021 - Harness the power of data analytics and AI to gain competitive advantages and drive next-level business results.

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