Altair® OptiStruct®

Optimization-enabled Structural Analysis

Building on more than 25 years of innovation, OptiStruct is a proven, modern structural solver with comprehensive, accurate, and scalable solutions for linear and nonlinear analyses across statics and dynamics, vibrations, acoustics, fatigue, heat transfer, and multiphysics disciplines. It is used globally at industry-leading companies to drive design with optimization and validate structural performance.

Commercially introduced in 1994, OptiStruct is a first-to-market simulation technology that seamlessly integrates structural optimization and analysis. OptiStruct solves both linear and nonlinear problems using an enhanced proprietary version of NASTRAN and a modern proprietary nonlinear formulation developed and maintained by Altair.

For the past two decades, OptiStruct topology optimization has driven the lightweight and structurally efficient designs of products you see and use every day. OptiStruct offers many other structural optimization methods and a broad range of essential manufacturing constraints for traditional processes, composites, and additive manufacturing.

OptiStruct Overview Video

Why OptiStruct?

Comprehensive Analysis Solutions

OptiStruct provides solvers for linear, nonlinear, vibrations, acoustics, fatigue, heat transfer, and multiphysics analyses. Solutions are accurate, fast, and highly scalable on CPUs and GPUs.

Industry Leading Optimization

OptiStruct pioneered the development of innovative optimization technology including many industry-firsts such as fail-safe topology, multi-material topology, and multi-model optimization.

Single Model Multi-attribute Workflow

Streamline workflows, reduce repetitive tasks and minimize errors by analyzing and optimizing attributes from multiple disciplines (e.g. strength, vibrations, fatigue) using a single model.

Key Features

Modern NASTRAN Formulation for Linear Analysis

Robust and accurate NASTRAN linear solutions used in virtually every industry for strength and deformation simulation throughout the proof of structure process 

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Efficient Nonlinear Analysis

Rapidly expanding nonlinear features include modern, efficient contact algorithms, bolt and gasket modeling, hyperelastic material, and thermal analyses

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Leading Optimization Technology

From topology to shape, OptiStruct’s industry proven optimization that has the driven innovative, lightweight, and elegant product designs you see and use every day 

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Specialty Vibration and Acoustics Solvers

Unique capabilities and integrated specialty solvers (AMSES and FASTFR) enable efficient diagnostic analyses, from component to full vehicle

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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing

Design and optimization for composite parts - ply shape to layup schedule - and 3D printing including complex lattice structures

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Real-world Multiphysics

Thermomechanical simulation and solver coupling for complex phenomenon including fluid-structure and electromagnetic-structure interactions

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