Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro by Applus Software

Web-based Software for Materials

Matereality web-based software for materials allows product development teams to collect, store, share, and always use the right material data in their product design.

Build and maintain a fully scalable database, and empower team members with data ownership while still achieving consolidation. Data is always globally available precisely when you need it. All databases offer full access control - keep your data private, or share it selectively with your collaborators.

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Why Matereality Workgroup Material DatabasePro?

Access Control

It’s your data - you control it. Make data public, private, hidden, or accessible only to your workgroup. Grant or remove access to individual users or workgroups.


Share richly detailed data with colleagues by email link, or embed the viewer into your internal documents and web media.


Each dataset is supported by a data certificate which provides complete traceability. Information includes test techniques and parameters, sample and specimen details, date, and accreditation.

Key Features


As workgroup administrator, see a bird’s-eye view of the entire group’s data. Change access, add or remove members without losing data, and act for users. Control and track usage, and set data presentation, units, and search preferences.

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Database Building Tools

Built-in data loading tools make it easy to collect your own material definitions, testing data, computer aided engineering (CAE) material files, and testing reports.

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CAE Modeling Tools

Workgroup members can use CAE Modeler software to convert material data into material files for most popular solvers. CAE material files can be downloaded for immediate use, saved in the CAE materials library, or exported as master material files for deployment directly to supported software.

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