Altair ultraFluidX™

Ultra-fast CFD for External Aerodynamics

ultraFluidX is a simulation tool that provides ultra-fast prediction of aerodynamic properties in passenger and heavy-duty vehicles, and for building and environmental aerodynamics. With ultraFluidX, engineers can resolve highly transient aerodynamics simulations overnight on a single server. From ground transportation vehicles, architecture, engineering, and construction structures to individual customer applications, ultraFluidX enables designers to understand fluid dynamics and investigate innovating structures to improve efficiency, increase users’ comfort, and deliver safe projects, on time.

Why ultraFluidX?

High-fidelity Transient Runs

By nature, vehicle aerodynamics are highly unsteady. With ultraFluidX, highly-resolved transient large eddy simulations (LES) are affordable without being constrained to having to use steady-state

Short Turnaround Times

The Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) is perfect for massively parallel architectures. GPU optimized algorithms enable overnight runs on single servers, while delivering high fidelity simulation.

Cost Efficient

Conventional simulation approaches need thousands of CPU cores to achieve sufficiently low turnaround times. ultraFluidX's GPU-based solution massively increases throughput while reducing hardware and energy cost.

Key Features

High-fidelity External Aerodynamics

A low-diffusive LBM implementation in combination with recent wall models provides high fidelity for transient external aerodynamics.

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Native GPU Implementation

As a native GPU-based code, ultraFluidX naturally leverages the massive power and memory bandwidth of modern GPUs.

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Truly Rotating Geometries

Overset mesh functionality enables modeling of truly rotating geometries while maintaining overnight simulation capabilities.

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Automated Meshing Process

A fully automated volume mesh generation with low surface mesh requirements and support for intersecting parts makes part replacements easy and allows for quick evaluation of hundreds of configurations.

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Fast and Easy Case Setup

Seamless integration into the Altair pre-processing tools and the option to directly modify the solver input deck makes setting up a simulation trivial.

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Efficient Result Analysis

Enhanced post-processing features allow extraction of relevant simulation data with a reduced memory footprint while focusing on only the relevant regions of the computational domain.

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