LOGEengine by LOGE AB

Real-time Simulation Tool for Analysis and Development of Internal Combustion Engines

LOGEengine is a simulation platform to design combustion and exhaust emission formation from internal combustion engines. The use cases of LOGEengine range from engine parameter studies, over transient engine simulations to driving cycle analysis.

LOGEengine has a fully automated setting up of models and an appealing post-processing of simulation results, and comprises third party software interfaces.

Why LOGEengine?

Short Development and Application Time

LOGEengine reduces the development and application time of numerical models resulting in close to real time simulations through tabulated chemistry.

Driving Cycle Simulations

LOGEengine offers driving cycle simulations with application on HiL platforms.


LOGEengine provides optimization and mapping of engine performance parameters.

Key Features


LOGEengine gives thermodynamic analysis of experimental data.

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Stochastic Model

Inhomogeneous stochastic models are available for the engine in-cylinder processes.

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Detailed Reaction Kinetics

Detailed reaction kinetics for simulating pollutant formations are accessable.

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Tabulated Chemistry

Tabulated chemistry allows close to real-time simulation.

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Turbulence Modeling

LOGEengine's K-epsilon turbulence modeling is used for mixing time determination.

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Optimization Features

Genetic algorithms for optimization and simulation process control are offered.

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