Available Modules

VSim for Basic Simulations: An educational product for learning the basics of electromagnetics, particle trajectory, and plasma physics. Model the behavior of waves such as Langmuir oscillations, cyclotron oscillations, Bernstein modes, upper-hybrid modes, and other plasma waves. Compute Debye shielding (sheaths) and the plasma skin depth.

VSim for Electromagnetics: A high-performance, parallel FDTD software tool for computationally intensive electromagnetic, electrostatic, and magnetostatic simulations in the presence of complex dielectric and metallic shapes. VSim for Electromagnetics models EM propagation and dispersion, and can compute radar cross sections and specific absorption rate (SAR).

VSim for Microwave Devices: A high-performance, parallel software tool for computationally intensive simulations of microwave devices with accurate simulation of dielectric and metallic shapes using a conformal mesh. VSimMD can simulate particle physics such as Child-Langmuir space-charged limited emission and Fowler-Nordheim tunnelling emission, with diagnostics providing performance information, such as power, voltages, and electron currents.

VSim for Plasma Discharges: A simulation tool for performing numerically efficient kinetic simulations of arbitrary pressure gas discharges. VSimPD computes full kinetics for arbitrary pressure gas discharges including the effects of elastic, excitation, and ionization collisions between electrons, ions, and neutral particles using Particle-In-Cell Monte Carlo (PIC-MCC) and PIC-DSMC methods, and also including charge exchange, electron recombination, sputtering, and secondary emission.

VSim for Plasma Acceleration: Used to compute both laser-plasma and beam-plasma acceleration, including field-ionization induced injection. Use VSimPA to simulate controlled injection in a laser-plasma accelerator via colliding laser pulses, and model laser-plasma accelerations efficiently with a Lorentz boosted frame or the envelope model.

Modules and Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

USim: A fluid plasma modeling framework that simulates the dynamics of charged fluids or neutrals.