Sense by FieldScale

Advanced Touch Screen Design and Simulation Tool

Sense is a touchscreen design and simulation tool that promises to save engineering time, provide results with maximum accuracy, cut down time-to-market and product costs, and do all of the above within an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use environment.

What will help companies in the touchscreen industry benefit from simulation and lead to a real revolution in product development is the digital prototyping software to become as simple as an app. Sense was developed after months of research on the touchscreen industry needs and their new product design process. The biggest challenges of effectively using simulation in touch screen design were all identified and tackled one by one. Setting up the design by choosing the analysis type, the controller, the pattern, and the stack-up with Sense is a matter of seconds. The parametric analysis capability saves engineers lots of valuable time, enabling the simultaneous test of hundreds of finger positions in all three dimensions. The algorithms running in the background are optimized in order to deliver results of maximum accuracy in the minimum time. The results are presented in heat maps and interactive plots and can easily filtered and exported in convenient formats.

Sense is the essential tool for touchscreen design that will help the industry move to the next level of innovation.

Sense Overview Video

Why Sense?

Identify Design Flaws in Hours

With Sense, engineers can find all design flaws in less than a day rather than four to six weeks using other methods or tools.

Zero Learning Curve

Every engineer can perform complex simulations that traditionally only experts have been able to complete.

Save Development and Prototype Costs

Engineers can optimize the design and quickly re-simulate to fine tune the performance before committing to hardware.

Key Features

Self and Mutual Capacitance Analysis

Is the touch sensor mutual or self-capacitive? The user can choose from four different analysis options.

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Ready-to-use or Import Patterns

For patterns such as diamond or Manhattan, all the user does is give the geometrical parameters, and the electrodes are automatically drawn.

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Automatically Created 3D Sensor Models

By combining Layout and Stack-up, Sense automatically builds the 3D geometrical model of the sensor.

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Check Different Finger Positions

With Sense, a parametric simulation for up to hundreds of different finger or stylus positions in all three dimensions is set up in just a few seconds.


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Resistance and Capacitance Heat Maps

Resistance and capacitance values are given through heat maps and plots that show exactly what the touch sensor designer wants to see.

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Create Reports Automatically

Get your results directly in PDF format. No more hours wasted converting texts to graphs. 


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