ProteusDS by DSA

Hydrodynamic, Mechanical, and Marine Dynamic Analysis Software Package


ProteusDS is used by ocean engineers and ocean industry professionals to test virtual prototypes of systems that are exposed to extreme wind, current, and waves. Whether driven by certification or the desire to create elegant solutions, assessing system dynamics is all about reducing risk.

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Why ProteusDS?

Assess Floating System Mooring Loads

Evaluate single or multi-line mooring loads for floating structures in harsh environmental conditions.

Compute Mechanical System Motions

Evaluate articulated mechanical systems motions and response and forces, such as cranes or A-frames, on vessels in harsh environmental conditions.

Evaluate Vessel Motions

Numerical models allow set up and evaluation of the motions of floating vessels and other structures in wind, currents, and waves.

Key Features


Review model setup, connectivity, and layout before the simulation begins.

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Post-visualization with PostPDS

Evaluate the floating system simulation through time using a 3D graphical view in PostPDS. 

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Versatile Time Domain Simulation

Robust and generalized physics solver evaluates hydrodynamics and motions of mechanical systems subject to the forces from wind, current, and waves.

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Graphical and Text Input

A combination of text and graphical input makes access to documentation quick and easy. 

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Raw Data Output

Post process the simulation data with PostPDS or using your own preferred programs.


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Resolve Simulation Inputs Automatically

Resolve input properties for quick and easy simulation setup.

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