Monarch 2020

Extract data from any source. No coding required. For business analysts and data scientists.

The market’s leading solution in extracting data from difficult files, including Excel spreadsheets and PDF, turns 30! What began as a powerful extraction tool that worked with mainframe and mini-PC systems has grown into the most robust self-service data preparation solution enabling users of all skill levels to convert messy, complex data into accurate, trusted smart data sets.

Extract Data from Large, Complicated Spreadsheets

Spend less time unlocking your data and avoid error-prone data transformations.

  • Extract and add structure to data and metadata from workbooks that are either designed for reporting or incorporate multiple worksheets.
  • Extract and add structure to data from workbooks designed for reporting or that have multiple worksheets into rows and columns for further analytic use.

Reduce the time it takes to find insight from data hidden in large spreadsheets.

  • Avoid working with difficult pivot tables or using VLOOKUPs. Reduce the time it takes to find insight from data hidden in large spreadsheets.
  • Automate data transformation tasks and join dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of spreadsheets with other data formats to create trusted, accurate and governed data sets that can be used for machine learning predictions.
Easily extract data from complex spreadsheets. Convert the data for better analytics and predictions.


Easier Extraction of Data from PDF Files

First introduced in 2018, Monarch has advanced its patented, market leading capabilities of easily capturing data from PDF files and converting this data into tabular formats for further analytics.

By identifying graphical elements such as rectangles and lines on rendered PDF page images, Monarch accommodates the diverse range of report styles employed in this format. Any combination of font and background colors can be extracted successfully. Include PDF files in your analytics. Automate the extraction of data and transformation of difficult data formats. Join this data with other disparate data sources for a complete, holistic view of all of your data.

PDF Trapping. Access and convert difficult to use data found in PDF files into data that is ready for further analytics.


Additional New Features Added to Monarch

  • Column Mapping: Automate data transformation tasks as new data is added to transformation models that use new column names
  • Streamlined Import: Seamlessly import tables from other Monarch models and workspaces
  • Enhanced Design: Tasks such as joins, data mapping, and workflows are now even easier and more powerful than ever before