ModelCenter® by Phoenix Integration

Integrate and Automate Engineering Simulation Tools

With ModelCenter by Phoenix Integration, you can integrate and automate your engineering simulation tools, explore the design space to optimize your product designs, and enable Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

ModelCenter® Integrate software solution is a model-based engineering framework that provides users with a wide variety of tools and methods to encapsulate individual analysis or simulation models, store them as reusable components, and create simulation workflows.

ModelCenter® Explore is a graphical environment for design investigation and optimization that supports your entire product development team. Once a repeatable simulation workflow has been created with ModelCenter Integrate, engineers can interactively execute the workflow (using parallel computing resources if available), with each run corresponding to a different set of inputs.

ModelCenter® MBSE provides an integrated modeling and analysis capability that bridges the gap between systems engineering and domain/disciplinary engineering. This integrated capability aims to streamline the system development process by enabling collaboration among design teams for defining, designing, optimizing, and validating complex engineering systems.

ModelCenter Overview Video

Why ModelCenter?

Engineering Analysis Process Integration

ModelCenter provides a framework and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) to automate and integrate internal or commercial modeling and simulation tools.

Design Exploration and Optimization

ModelCenter explores many design alternatives in a short period of time in on the best design using optimization techniques.

Integration of SysML and CAE

ModelCenter connects SysML models to CAE models to perform architecture trade-off and requirement conformance analysis.

Key Benefits

Shorten Time to Market and Reduce Cost

By automating engineering analysis and intelligently exploring the design space, ModelCenter allows engineers to leverage their simulation assets (models).

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Better Designs

ModelCenter provides engineers with insight into the design space and helps them create better designs.

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Enable Model-based Systems Engineering

By connecting SysML to CAE, ModelCenter can perform system architecture optimization and requirement conformance analysis.

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