Altair Knowledge Works™ 

Responsible, Interpretable, Open, Flexible Machine Learning

It is undeniable that data and analytics are key drivers behind transformative business initiatives. More people across the enterprise are accessing data to answer complex questions. The demand for easy-to-use, low-code yet flexible data transformation and machine learning tools has never been greater.

The use of multiple tools leads to inefficient data analytic processes, higher costs, and slows down decision making. Aging solutions with overlapping features threaten current data science projects as proprietary functions in closed vendor solutions become obsolete.

Combining decades of experience in data preparation, machine learning and visualization with one unified interface Knowledge Works scales as data sizes grow, new open source features and functionalities are developed, and user profiles become more sophisticated. Data scientists and business analysts can efficiently operationalize data analytics applications using its low-code, cloud ready interface.

Knowledge Works is designed so that users can efficiently access disparate data sources and formats, transform this data and use it to build machine learning models, and share knowledge discovery across the business. The power of Knowledge Works is in its flexibility and extensibility: users can choose the appropriate engine for their job size, automate model building and deployment tasks, and fine tune model performance using preferred coding languages if desired. All while retaining control over data lineage, audit, security, and governance. Explainable AI features means confident decisions are made with the knowledge of how predictions were made.

Why Knowledge Works?


Knowledge Works supports the most popular open source engines, such as Python, R, Keras, MLFlow, RAPIDS supported by NVIDIA, scikit-learn, and more. Built using an open source-based technology stack, Knowledge Works easily integrates in enterprise environments due to its agnostic code design. As new open source engines gain mindshare, Altair seamlessly integrates them into its unified interface.

Extensible and Scalable

Knowledge Works scales as data sizes grow, new open source features and functionalities are developed, and user profiles become more sophisticated. Its efficient to use visual interface boosts productivity but offers the flexibility of code that is often required.

Enterprise Ready

As a cloud ready, low code platform, Knowledge Works plugs into existing enterprise IT and analytic infrastructures and connects to disparate data sources and execution resources. Data governance, data lineage, audits, and access control policies are not compromised.

Key Features

Cloud Ready

Supports Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). On premise installations are also supported.

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High Performance

Automated and manual selection of compute engines allow the appropriate tasks to run at the highest performance level possible.

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Data Agnostic

Transform data regardless of where the data resides, format type of the data, or the amount of data included in the transformation and modeling

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Streamlined data preparation, model building, and model comparison using AutoML. Systematically deploy models using MLflow, or generate model code in Python, R, SAS, SQL, PMML, and other programming languages for manual operations if desired.

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The unique design architecture allows new functionality to be pushed to the platform without the need to wait for a release

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Responsible, Interpretable AI

Full transparency of model configurations. Confidently explain predictive model results using Explainable AI.

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