IIQ – Innovation Intelligence Quotient™ Survey

So what makes a company innovative?

It’s such a trendy word – but what is its value? Innovation is now a widely recognized goal for most all companies, but who decides what is innovative and how do they reach that decision? The metrics employed could be paralyzing!

Did you know:

  • About 1/3 of all Fortune 1000 companies have formal innovation metrics
  • 3M has tried to mandate that 35% of the corporations’ revenues should come from products introduced within the past four years
  • At Google - 10% of employees’ time is dedicated for experimentation with new opportunities*

And then there is public perception. Companies spend millions to manage public opinion. They spend millions more to recruit. That’s where you come in – first set your baseline on what you consider innovative, next choose who you want to rank, rank one company or 50 – we want to know what YOU think.

You will decide each companies Innovation Intelligence Quotient.

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