CAE Handbook by Engineering Software Research & Development, Inc.

Digital/Electronic Handbook

The CAE Handbook framework allows for the corporate standardization of many engineering computational simulations within an easy-to-use yet powerful software package. This is done by allowing companies to build electronic or digital FEA-based models that capture corporate intellectual property. This enables non-FEA experts to solve many basic simulations that historically have been simplified in the form of Microsoft Excel, engineering computation spreadsheets, and internally developed engineering programs that are only fully understood by the engineers who develop them. CAE Handbook guarantees consistent results and provides an objective measure of the quality of the solution.

Why CAE Handbook?

True Electronic Handbook

CAE Handbook is applicable in any engineering simulation for solid mechanics where repetitive "similar, but different simulations" are performed.

Offload Basic Engineering Simulations

CAE Handbook offloads repetitive simulations from a company's FEA expert to engineers who need not be simulation experts.

Preloaded with Basic Sim Apps

CAE Handbook comes with 90+ preloaded simulation applications, or Sim Apps, including a NAFEMS Benchmark model set for validation of CAE Handbook's advanced simulation technology.

Key Features

Where Does it Fit?

Engineering Sim Apps are designed to fit existing engineering processes, capturing as well as accumulating institutional knowledge and best practices with increased reliability and productivity. 

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Timely and Efficient

User benefits include consistency and reproducibility of results, efficient utilization of the time of expert analysts and designers alike, avoidance of needless replication of analysis tasks, and timely delivery of reliable information needed in engineering decision making processes.

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Sim Apps Deployment

Designed to meet the technical requirements of Simulation Governance, Sim Apps for engineering use are "smart" because their embedded intelligence enables simple, accurate, efficient, robust, and reliable simulations with built-in quality assurance. To ensure the level of reliability expected in professional use, FEA-based Sim Apps deployed in CAE Handbook provide users with objective measures of quality for all quantities of interest.

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