AcuNexus by Novus Nexus

Fast and Easy Automation for Altair® CFD™ Preprocessing

AcuNexus was specifically developed to streamline AcuSolve® simulation processes. Automation is implemented via intuitive abstract models, which can be thought of as geometry independent simulation templates. Analysts can create these abstract models without recourse to scripting or other complex automation strategies, all in a similar time it takes to set-up a single simulation with a conventional pre-processor. AcuNexus thus relieves CFD analysts from repetitive, time-consuming tasks that would usually be necessary but add no value. The resulting automated process is highly robust as it does not require geometry conversions and avoids related cleanup efforts. Instead, the CAD system directly interrogates its native models for automatic creation of meshes with consistent quality.

Why AcuNexus?

Highly Efficient Simulation Processes

Automated simulations avoid user errors, deliver consistent quality results faster, and optimize the use of all resources.

Democratization of Simulation

Abstract models empower designers to start dependable simulations themselves, no waiting for an analyst. Design performance feedback is quickly available.

Reliable Automated Pre-processing

Robust, fast, and easy automation captures simulation know-how and best practices. This ensures always comparable results which enable better design decisions.

Key Features

Fast and Easy Automation for Altair® AcuSolve®

AcuNexus allows users to reap automation benefits with minimal effort thanks to abstract models. Set up the simulation and automation at the same time.


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Geometry Independent Abstract Models

Abstract models are similar to traditional CFD set-ups but use classes as geometry place holders. This makes them reusable for any geometry.

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Highly Robust Automation

The AcuNexus workflow requires neither easily breaking scripts nor CAD model translation. Automatic meshing is based on native CAD models.

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