Spring 2004

True Grid

Grid Computing promises faster turnaround time and increased efficiency of IT resources in product design and development.

Industrial Design: Increasing the Velocity of Product Development

Applying simulation technology to industrial design accelerates the generation of design concepts that are exciting, feasible, desirable and profitable.

The 64-Bit Engineer: What Computer Design Trends Mean to You

The transition to 64-bit computing will change the tempo and manner of design and development.

Putting the WHOA! into High-Performance Boats

Baja Marine dives into simulation technology, analyzing force, weight and resistance to build speedier, and better, boats.

Simulation Links Welding Data to Structural Analysis Models

A robust modeling process greatly aids the design of lower cost and higher quality welded structures.

Keeping up-to-Date on Optimization Technology

The 2nd Annual Optimization Technology Conference focuses on innovative applications of optimization methods and techniques in product development.

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