Visualize, Analyze and Predict Weight and Balance Attributes

Altair's Weight Analytics (WA) solution manages the entire Weight and Balance (W&B) process empowering engineering and management teams to control and ensure W&B attributes meet program requirements.

Deployed as a common weight management tool across the enterprise, WA enables faster and more accurate decision-making with on-demand access to visualize, analyze and predict W&B at any point in time during the entire Product Lifecycle (PLC).

Solution Benefits
  • Dramatically reduce time required to consolidate data sources by up to 80%
  • Make decisions up to 50% faster and spend more time
    analyzing information for solutions to achieve W&B targets
  • Visualize, analyze and predict risk and opportunities at any point during the PLC
  • Run what-if scenario’s resulting in actionable information for key decision makers
  • Track and control the maturity of the product

Business Benefits
  • Increased data reliability
  • On-demand access for more informed decisions
  • Improved product performance, quality and profitability
  • Secure collaboration

Innovative Thinking

Innotvative Thinking
"The W&B department had the objective to harmonize the W&B data management across all helicopters programs. We chose Altair's Weight Analytics solution and implemented it on both existing and future programs, integrated into backbone applications." - EUROCOPTER

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